“The world was confused on buying so we started renting”

HIREZONE is a rental company with a technological approach and an easy e-commerce method of renting out stuff. HIREZONE is a strong and transformative business model supported by advanced technology, sheer dedication, and smart business strategies.

HIREZONE is a unique and beautiful attempt to change the way people live. We are creating a mixture of traditional business with a modern approach to create a remarkable business opportunity. HIREZONE focuses on providing the people an easy access to rental facilities by creating a easily accessible portal for everyone where vendors meets customers.

HIREZONE’s story + mission

HIREZONE started out as an idea in the mind of Vishal Rana and with the Implementation of Vishwajeet Singh. Hire zone was created to change the way India shops. Yes, the lessee heard it right, although we are not selling anything but we will change the perception of just buying.

HIREZONE is one of the first website in India that provides exclusive and affordable renting options.

We have expertise in so many fields that we forgot the count in midway. Together, the lessee and we could change the future of rental business in India.

Our mission is to replace buying with a more affordable alternative of RENTING. Renting is inexpensive, hassle-proof, easy, smart, sustainable solutions to control your ever-growing expenses.

WHY renting matters?

Renting is popular in western countries. Renting is an easy and smart alternative to buying. Especially when you move to a new place or open up a new office or just want to use the commodity for some days or weeks. So buying the good for that short period of time and spending thousands of rupees seem to be a stupid decision. And that’s where the lessee need us, we provide the lessee easy renting options on so many different categories that the lessee will only be in awe. We have made living the luxurious lifestyle very easy and inexpensive. Every day people spend thousands of rupees on shopping what they don’t even need actually online market has grown so large in India yet no company has thought about renting.

We are not destroying traditional ways but we creating modern mixtures.

So many great things are introduced to the world every other day. What was not even in a dream in the 20th century in now a reality in the 21st century. People have changed their standards of living. Luxury and comfort have taken over the world. Distances have shortened and everything is now available at the tip of your finger. We are revolutionizing the way people rent.

HIREZONE is creating a virtual marketplace for everything that could be rented.


1. Vishal Rana (Founder, CEO)

Vishal Rana is a creative entrepreneur and impressive personality with the great leadership and management skills. Rana did his MBA in business management in 2010. Vishal then went on to work with Neelkanth group of Real Estate in Gurgoan (Gurugram). Vishal then worked in Real Estate for quite sometime in Mumbai.

Vishal made his entry in business from his hometown Gwalior. Vishal is now a real Estate businessman and currently working as a builder.

The Initiation of Hirezone

Vishal Rana while working in Delhi felt the need of Rental platform as he was facing problems while setting up a comfortable home. Buying everything is not smart and most of the time it disturbs the budget of most of the Corporate workers for quite a few months.

So an Idea struck his mind that a platform should be setup that would make the renting very easy so he started working on it.

After discussing with Vishwajeet the Concept of Hirezone started becoming a reality.

2. Vishwajeet Singh(Founder ,MD)

Vishwajeet an engineer started his career in software Industry but he was inclined towards more creative and innovative areas of work.

As life gives him back to back challenges and while tackling them in his journey Vishwajeet came out as an entrepreneur to serve the nation

Money4Drive Advertising Pvt. Ltd (Founder)
“Get Paid to Drive with Ads on your Vehicle”
Money4Drive Advertising Pvt. Ltd is an Innovative idea of Transit Advertisement on all type of Vehicles in India. Vishwajeet founded Money4Drive Advertising Pvt. Ltd on 16th Nov 2011.
Summer Internship Training and Workshop (Head Mentor) 4 iims and 10 b-schools.

Chai y (Director)

“Serving Flavor of National Drink.”
A famous slang of India when people invite or ask someone to have a cup of tea “Chai Y”
Chai Y was an innovative idea to serve people with snacks and beverages.

Hirezone’s Solution

Hirezone was started in 2015, by Vishal Rana and Vishwajeet. They had the idea to revolutionize the rental market and HIREZONE was the product that came out.

How do we work?
We connect

A network of vendors was created with Hirezone in the centre of the business. Different vendors have rented out different products by creating a product description post and then the vendor post it on website Hirezone. People search for what they need on our website and vendor’s posts appear in the search result and when they find what they need they rent it. This way we are connecting Sellers and Buyers. In simple words, we are creating a network of DEMAND and SUPPLY.

We channelize

This network of Vendors and Buyers is channelized by our beautiful, easy and responsive website. We reach out to different vendors and encourage them to increase their market and business and then we reach customers so that they know that there is a much easy way to fulfil their needs at a very inexpensive cost.

We communicate

Not only are we channelizing the rental business but we are also constantly making it better. Our team is dedicated to increasing the user experience by learning from user. We ask for your feedback so that we can improve our system for user’s comfort.